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   Michel Jussiau
Elegance and excellence


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Welcome to Michel Jussiau's official website for lovers of fashion, luxury, sharks and games. 

I am Michel Jussiau, director/founder of this site, and recognized in the intellectual world with the richest number of world records on Peak, the #1 application for assessing intelligence. I'm in charge of the entire content of this site, ensuring reliable information and quality products.

On this site you'll find the best training apps about men's fashion, women's fashion, luxury, sharks, dinosaurs, art, magic, sports betting and casino games. You can see the complete presentation of each of them on the application tab.  

Two complementary services related to fashion (men's and women's) are also offered. These innovative services, available nowhere else, are designed to help you build a wardrobe that suits your budget, your desires and is results-oriented. These services are recommended for anyone who wants to improve their wardrobe style without making any effort. You can subscribe on the products page.

A luxury service completes my product range for those looking for quality stones such as marble, granite or quartz. I have personally rated over 20,000 models (star rating out of 5) to enable my customers to find the most beautiful pieces in the shortest possible time. Additional guides will tell you all the criteria you need to consider before buying, so you can make the best choice and impress your guests. You can subscribe on the products page.

Another luxury service for gem and precious metal lovers is also available. More than 300 models of precious and semi-precious stones have been graded (rated with stars out of 5, in terms of look, wearability, cost per use and cost per effect produced, which is the most important indicator for finding the best deals). A guide explaining these criteria, as well as guides to gemmological data, prices, shapes (rated out of 5 for rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings), auctions and precious metals are also included in this service. With this service, you'll be able to find the best pieces in just a few minutes. You can subscribe on the products page.

I also offer an affiliate program for people who would like to earn money by promoting my products. More specifically, I offer a 20% commission on every sale made on the entire card (see footer).

Enjoy your visit,

Michel Jussiau

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